Our History

Three years ago, after much discussion and debate, we came to the agreement that our land could do more for our family and our community. Growing here and helping to provide fresh, chemical-free produce to our friends and neighbors has been a rewarding and challenging adventure.

At Rubber Ducky Farms, we use sustainable farming practices and do our best to be responsible tenants of the land, with the understanding that it will be here beyond our time. We want our girls and their children to inherit an earth on which they can grow healthy, amazing tasting food.

By using sustainable practices, we are bring the natural health back to the soil in which we grow and produce healthier plants and produce. We use crop rotation and cover crops (in the off season) to re-introduce depleted nutrients to the soil. We limit our tilling to allow the soil to rebuild and retain it’s beneficial structure for root growth. With our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system, we limit, if not eliminate, the need for chemical pesticides.

What all of this means for you is that the vegetables we produce have a fresher and truer taste. So when you buy from us not only is what you’re getting healthier, it tastes amazing. We grow a wide variety of vegetables, from the well-known and widely used tomatoes, peppers and greens to lesser known and unique kolhrabi and ground cherries. Beyond the vegetables, we have a small flock of laying chickens and house two of McGarth Farm’s hives on our land.

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